The effectiveness of thinking Skills in Developing Life Skills among First Year Students at Al- Bisha University

  • Ali W Associate professor of Mental Health and Cognitive Therapy, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, University of Bisha adi hbash
Keywords: Effectiveness, Thinking Skills, Life Skills, First Year, First year Students, Bisha University


     The aim of this research is to identify the effectiveness of thinking skills in developing the life skills of the students of the first Academic year, particularly the differences in life skills according to the variable of study specialization (human-scientific). To achieve the research objectives, the life skills scale was constructed on the classification of (WHO). The psychometric properties of the scale were examined. The validity of the scale, which is the final form of (60) items, was valid for measuring the life skills. The scale was then applied to the research sample of (112) students of the first year of the University of Bisha.  The SPSS program processed statistical analysis.  Results showed that there were statistically significant differences in the life skills of the sample in the pre-posttest measurement at (0.05). Also, there were statistically significant differences in the dimensions of the life skills in the pretest. These results led to the acceptance of alternative hypotheses. The findings were discussed in light of the relevant literature in the field.