Teaching Problems Faced by Female Teachers of Students with Intellectual Disability in Special Education Programs and the Proposed Solutions for that from their point of view - a qualitative study


  • Shatha Ali Asiri
  • Khalid Mohammed Abu-Alghayth


teaching problems, teachers, , students, special education, intellectual disability, qualitative


This study aims to identify the teaching problems that teachers of students with intellectual disabilities face, in addition to exploring the solutions suggested by them in order to overcome such problems or challenges. The researchers used a qualitative approach in order to understand the teachers' perceptions about these problems in a more in-depth way. The interview tools (in-depth and semi-structured interviews) were used to collect data from (3) female teachers from special education programs in the Asir region. The results revealed a number of themes including problems related to students, teachers and the teaching methods they use, curricula, school environment, and school administration. Moreover, the results indicated that family can be involved in some issues and problems related to teaching their children. According to the results, the researchers provided and discussed suggestions and recommendations.