The impact of teaching with analogies in collection of chemistry students grade average and their attitudes towards article

  • Khetam Hamid Ibraheem Humadi Al-Masoudi BAGHDAD / Education Karkh Second
Keywords: The impact of teaching with analogies in collection of chemistry students


this research aims to identify the impact of teaching with ana logies in collection of chemistry students grade average.And direction in order to verify to the zero hypothesis has been formulated and validated,The researcher conducted experiment lasted a full semester as experimental design was chosen (exactly)two equal one pilot and another officer.The research community has been  selected one of intentional Middle School of the Education Directorate in B aghdad Karkh second either search sample consisted of (68) students from second grade average (34 ) Students for each group randomly selected research groups was equal to the following variables (lifetime months,parent of first grade chemistry degrees average test information,gauge trend) wetalft search  tools (test-grades and atrend towards chemistry) processed statistical data  using appropriate statistical methods ,including((T-test  for two equal independent, the difficult and easy equation and strength of characteristic the items and effectiveness of  wrong alternatives, Pearson correlation  equation, kay box(Ka) the equation - alpha Cronbach))was reached at a statistically  significant level  indication (0.05) and  for the   experimental  group, and  that  the zero  hypothesis is  rejected , In light of this, the researcher give some recommendations :most notably achemistry teacher to see the types of analogies and howto choose the nature of the Encourage teachers students reading foreign books and apply individual sensitive educational activit ,As well as Support ways and means that work to consolidate the positive trends towards researcher proposed as similar to the current study but other variables, such as development of creative thinking and scientific Tendency  and  scientific thinking, complement to search