Organizational Silence among Kindergarten Teachers


  • Rahma Jalal Hamza Aziz
  • Khawla Abdel Wahhab Al-Qaisi


Arabic language, organizational silence, kindergarten teachers


The current research aims to identify the level of organizational silence among kindergarten teachers according to the variables of specialization (kindergarten, other disciplines) and years of service. The sample consisted of 400 teachers who were randomly selected from 18 kindergartens in the city of Baghdad. The researcher adopted Dyne et al.'s (2003) definition of organizational silence and its three dimensions (submission, defensive, and positive social) in constructing a scale of organizational silence that includes 19 scenarios, each of which has three options, which was applied to the research sample. To analyze the collected data, the researchers used chi-square, bicierial, a t-test for one sample, and a t-test for two independent samples. The results revealed that kindergarten teachers have a significant level of organizational silence in its dimension (positive social), and there are no significant differences according to the variable of specialization or in all dimensions. It also showed that there are no significant differences in the years of service concerning the two dimensions of submission and defense, and significant differences appeared concerning the positive social dimension for years of service. The researchers came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions